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Primary Program

ICT Based

Development of Mobile Technology

Development of Industrial Automation System

Development of Interactive Media Design

User Interface and UX Design

Development of Smart City

Development of E-Government and E-Learning

Development of Green Energy Management

Development of Methods and Software for IoT Implementation

Information Security

Emerging Harvesting Energy

Data Analytics and Visualization

Development of Built Environtment and Energy Management

Sustainable Concept in Architecture

Business, Digital Behavior & Technopreneurship

Development of E-Business/E-Commerce System

Development of Cyber Marketing & Social Media

Information Technology Implementation for Decision Making

Digital Communication Strategic

Strategic Human Resource

Green Business

Digital Content and Digital Media Management

Learning Methodology

Analysis and Development of Various Patterns in The Media and Business Platforms

Creative Visual Innovations and Experiments for Art and Design

Design, Art and Multimedia for Industry

Creative Visual Innovations and Experiments for Art and Design

Development of Art and Design for Industry

Media Technology and Social Impact